Rehasense PAWS gets 10 out of 10
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11-year-old Faith from Shoreham by Sea has been the proud owner of a Power Assisted Wheelchair System (PAWS) City with a 14” wheel for 3 months and has never been happier.

Faith was born with Spina Bifida, which affects her general mobility, independence, general balance, and bowels. She would often find that walking further than 100 meters left her feeling very tired and in pain, as her condition mainly affects the lower limbs, hence the need for a manual wheelchair.


As Faith grew, she was finding using a wheelchair increasingly tiring, as her father Dan explains: “Not only was Faith finding it hard work, but I have a chronic back problem and found pushing Faith’s chair very hard at times, especially on family days out, and we also have Faith’s younger brother Oakley to look after. So, we spoke to Much More Mobility, who are based locally to us here in Shoreham by Sea, to see what products were available that might help us.”

Ross from Much More Mobility was very helpful and suggested Dan look at the PAWS City from Rehasense, as he thought that could offer the perfect solution. Ross arranged for a demonstration unit from Rehasense, and as soon as Faith connected it to her wheelchair, the difference it would make was clear for all to see. The PAWS has not only changed Faith’s life but the whole family.

“I know it may sound dramatic, but the PAWS really is life-changing for Faith. Not only can we now enjoy family days out without having to worry about pushing her wheelchair uphill, but it has given Faith a newfound feeling of independence, which in turn has increased her confidence. This is great, as she has had some tough times dealing with her condition and the limitations it has imposed on her at times. Faith is due to start secondary school in September, and the PAWS will mean she can easily get around the entire school with ease, without getting tired, and won't have to ask friends to push her wheelchair. I would 100% recommend the PAWS to anyone who is looking for a power add-on for their manual wheelchair, as it is extremely well-built and offers excellent value for money,” concluded Dan.

Faith is equally impressed: “I love the PAWS, it is very easy to use, and it means I can whizz around on my own and with my friends who all think it is really cool. I would give it 10 out of 10,” said Faith.

Another feature of the PAWS that attracted Dan was that it can grow with Faith. So, as she changes her wheelchair over the coming years, the PAWS will still be suitable and will not need replacing for many years. The City is the entry-level model in the Assisted Wheelchair Systems (PAWS) range from Rehasense UK. Available with a 12” or 14” wheel, the City has been designed mainly for use around town, with the 12” wheel ideal for smooth tarmac roads, while the larger 14” wheel can handle slightly more uneven surfaces. The City can also be used indoors, thanks to its turning circle of just one meter. Standard features on every model include forward/reverse mode, traction control for when setting off on a slippery surface or slope, cruise control to remove the need to permanently hold the throttle and Walk Mode. PAWS requires no frame alteration or additional add-ons to the wheelchair.

For more information on the range of PAWS models or the full portfolio of mobility solutions available from Rehasense, call 0333 220 0704, email, or visit